Golf Course in Kodaikanal

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Golf Course in Kodaikanal

Golf club in Kodaikanal is the popular view point for the follow of hundred year oldest traditions in the club. The club is situated at the middle of verdant meadows everywhere and thickest forests along with wild life resources.

Unique features of the club

The lawns present in the Golf club really gain pretty looks for its well manicured appearance gifted by time to time maintenance. The club possesses 18 course holes at different places in the freshly ravaged green lands spread across the height of 2,220 sq ft. Due to the extended acres of Club area; during winter the descending mist would cover the ball that missed the holes. Members of the club could enjoy the premium options of the play and the non-members must pay the green fees to enjoy the same.

Major tournaments

Rolling landscape pattern of the play area has made the Golf club become the most impressive option among the Golfers. The architecture of the club would treat the Golf enthusiasts even more with its stable scenic beauty. The year 2008 is the most impressive year launched its importance in the history of the Golf club; Kodaikanal as nearly 56 tournaments was conducted between April and June. Some of the valuable hilly Golf tournaments that held here include Palani Hill Open, Veday Cup, Rudrappan Memorial Cup and Contessa Open.

Facilities offered

The club comprises of an indoor stadium that gives importance to many other enchanting club games include Billiards, and Card games. It shows that the club is giving much importance to recreation, entertainment and accommodation. For the stay of the members in the club, wondering lodging facilities are offered with deluxe rooms and also normal rooms.

Enhancements include BYOB bar is launched for the casual drinks and social commitments inside the club hall. It also comprises a praising conference hall that would hold 12 members that respond well for instant meetings and get together.

The most favourable mental rejuvenation is achievable by playing Golf at here in along with many other mind blowing facilities incorporated in the main club hall.