Guna Cave in Kodaikanal

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Guna Cave in Kodaikanal

The most popular tourist spot in Tamilnadu is obviously Kodaikanal, the princess of hills. It is one of the gifted places that expose the elegance of nature as well in different extensions. One of the most appraisable spot that encourages the visits of the comers towards this place is the Guna cave. The cave stands here with all its proud comprises of deepest dark compartments inside in between three sharp pillar rocks.

A popular place

Guna cave, the place which is well renowned for its thrilling surroundings and bat filled chambers found inside. Guna cave in Kodaikanal is highly preferred to make cinema shooting for its rocky ambience and thriller darkness. Usually people would prefer to visit this cave to see the movie scenery as live. As the cave is made up of rough and tearing corners, visitors must take care of steps while entering deeper into it.

Exploring experiences

Guna cave is very deep and long made up of natural stubborn rocks with openings somewhere to enter and exit. The cave is the deepest valley of smooth less uneven paths that could not be managed by children and seniors. Guna cave is good for well known and worst for unknown as it is the combination of happiness and thrill. The place was well maintained for the improvised satisfaction of the visitors who would like to reach the deepest cores of the cave. At present, the entry into the cave is strictly banned due to some mishaps happened before three to four years. This dangerous expedition also composed of various joyous features like noise free environment, rocky pathway, best background for photo shoots and also a known place to spend the day time in Kodaikanal.

Righteous excitement

The newest excitements are achieved by the visitors when they have reached the Guna cave at the least once. Very recently, the place is completely locked for some security reasons but could be viewed from distance through observatory towers. Tourists would visit the Guna cave that it would offer a different experience to them in life.