Things To Do in Kodaikanal

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Kodaikanal Attractions

Kodaikanal is a rocking hill station filled up with thick forest zones and plains in between. People who reach the place would really enjoy the wondering theme of weather regardless of the seasons. It resembles a fulfilled lonely planet with the blessings of nature every corners of it make the visitors to realize the freshness everywhere.

Berijam Lake

Chill breeze and comfort climate is the characteristic of this place which defines it well than words. The flow of water at this lake completely drags the people hearts and able to offer the most exciting environment to everyone.

Kodaikanal Lake

Whenever Kodaikanal is concerned about, the beautiful Kodaikanal Lake would hold the prime position among the hearts of the visitors. The well equipped boating facility available here drags the majority crowd and leaves minority towards the surrounding park.

Ice skating cafe

It is the coolest entertaining hub located in Kodaikanal that offers cool sporty game options. The realistic kind of ice skating is achieved by its visitors who could get the mind boggling achievements. It is the righteous place to enjoy the enchanting time pass by hiding from summer. Multi cuisine well established cafeterias are available offering different delicious food menus that would make people to forget about their hunger.

Pillar rocks

Very steep rocks belong to Pillar rocks add toppings to the scenic beauty of the place even more than usual. Thus the place has grabbed the interests of many people when compared to all other attractions of Kodaikanal. The most promising theme selection is absolutely available at this place to make the photo session even better.

Pine forest

The thickest pine envelopes the place to a greater extends and renders the most impressive shadows throughout the area. It would act as the best place to pass the day time with family and friends. The artificial darkness that it offers would make children happier than any other places. This shady place has become the best shooting spot especially it reacts well in the thriller movies.

Try to enjoy the most joyous days in Kodaikanal within the matching budgetary limits as well.