Jain Temple in Kodaikanal

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Kurunji Andavar Temple in Kodaikanal

Kurunji Andavar Temple, a very beautiful temple along with historical importance is located in Kodaikanal. The unique name of the temple is formed due to the blossom of rare Kurunji flowers that happens once in 12 years. It is the temple of Lord Murugan exists in fact of the name Sri Kurunji Easwaran.

Place of holiness

Kurunji Andavar temple is believed to be highly powerful as it sprays the holiness among its visitors. The temple is found at the reachable distance of 5 Km away from the main bus stand of Kodaikanal. Visitors prefer to come during the summer festival that happens in the month of May, to attain the special blessings of God. The inner stage in which Lord Murugan exists in the temple is found at the considerable height and so people could view God even during crowd in case of festive seasons.

Temple view

The exclusive temple view is obtained through binoculars even from long distance like Palani hills, and Vaigai Dam even. It is great to see the view point which is found in the Kurunji Andavar temple as the point offers the complete view of Kodaikanal hills and forestry. It is awesome in case of getting the views of deep valleys, lakes, plains, wild forests, caves and road bends. Mountains with covered haze at the tips could become usual in the mornings and also the joyous ice melts after some time. The place naturally increases the number of visitors who reach here every year with its respectable holiness and power.

Hotels nearby

People those who would like to enjoy the auspicious summer festive period of Sri Kurunji Easwaran could make it possible through appropriate stay nearby. Lodging and boarding facilities nearby are found to be opted at the preferred rates. All kinds of restaurants are available nearby the temple lane at the appraisable budgeted rates that suit people belong to different categories. Advanced booking of rooms is necessary when people would like to spend days in luxury floating lodging campuses available nearer to the temple.