Pillar Rocks in Kodaikanal

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Pillar Rocks in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is the place of wide range of wild life and forestry along with great bordering mountains. The pillars are nearly 122 meters long and stubborn having well grown forestry in between the rocks that even enhance the scenic beauty of the pillars. A well rich fauna station found in the park which is predominantly increase the moments that people spend at this place as well.

Giant pillars

The place is highly given importance for its’ joyous weather and wondering ambience. Strong and well built mountains margining the forestry would found increasing the pride of the city. The pride Pillar Rocks is the main place of attraction which is located just 5 Km away from the main bus stand in Kodaikanal is the edge of the continuous mountain ranges. At the time of winter, the sharp noses of the pillars are crowned with beautiful mist that could be seen either early in the morning or also in the evenings.

A good tourist spot

Among several tourist spots in Kodaikanal, the great Pillar Rocks is the most interesting place to visit for its natural extensions. Usually, the mountain regions are the hottest spots but in contrary the city is highly preferred for its exclusive chillness regardless of hot seasons. The view point of the Pillar Rocks is always busy with footsteps only nearby but not to reach the point exactly as it is very steep. Mountains along with trees in between create a carpet appearance that really comprise of bunch of thick forests.

Places nearby

This place of beauty is found along with many other beautiful tourist spots like Guna caves, Bryant Park, Kodaikanal Lake and Boat house. As many other best visiting spots are present nearby, the place is the most visited one among all others. Tourists who would like to stay in that place could enjoy days in many of the most exciting hotels and restaurants. Well furnished staying places and accommodation options found nearby would be very effective and worth enough for the amount that the tourists spend.