Trekking in Kodaikanal

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Like any other hill station in South India, Kodaikanal is blessed with green valleys, steep mountain cliffs, beautiful water falls and thick forests. Because of natural beauty kodaikanal is one of the best places in South India to explore. People from all over the world throng here to enjoy the trekking across the green valleys. Since there are wildlife living in these forest, trekking must be guided by known people. There are plenty of trekking routes available in Kodaikanal to walk and enjoy the scenery.

Some of the Popular trekking routes in Kodaikanal

1. Kodaikanal to Kumbakarai Trek

2. Kodaikanal to Palani Trek

3. Kodaikanal to Munnar Trek

4. Kodaikanal to Vattakanal Trek

5. Kodaikanal to Periakulam Trek

6. Kodaikanal to Batlagundu Trek

Companies Offer trekking services in Kodaikanal

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