See yourself enjoying your dreams when it comes true at Kodaikanal!!

Kodaikanal- the Princess of Hills in South India welcomes you majestically to value your trip at here by many sightseeing options. Medication, Health and Spa, Fun and Entertainment, Relaxation, Sightseeing and Shopping are the major five specialties of Kodaikanal.

Walk and Talk

Money at your pockets never pleases you but your joy doubles when you talk with your beloved ones in a special place like Kodaikanal. Mountains with green carpets of nature paint your eyes green and the whispering breeze talk to you when you roam across. Dense forests cover up you from rain drops as the trees form a roof without any narrow gaps in between where you can extend your romantic utter. Kodaikanal offers you many boats to sail in to reach the soulful destination of joy in your trips.

Sport with your Kid

Entertainment centers and Sport clubs of Kodaikanal helps you to mingle with your kid with reciprocation of fun and love. View the distant specialties of Kodaikanal through Physical Observatories that extend the smile at your children face. Ice skating, Horse Riding, Forest safaris, and Trekking are the major choices that create adventurous experience among kids by then they forget the present.

Well facilitated stays

Luxury cottages in Kodaikanal are available with locker facilities also an added advantage to explore the natural beauties of the place without any thoughts about the luggage. Ease your way at Kodaikanal in all the possible ways and make your trip a really worthy one.

Knock out the kid in you by joining the hands of your kids and step into their world comfortably through many crazy joyful options in Kodaikanal. A Family trip to Kodaikanal definitely would be a perfect sprout for the recurrent trips to the place for all the holidays.