How to Reach Kodaikanal

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Reach the place through the right option!!

Kodaikanal- the place that holds a part of heaven in earth truthfully makes your trip, a joyous memory in life. Sprouting green ferns and rolling creeper welcomes you with fresh smile when you reach Kodaikanal. The place has high valued recognitions always for its misty leaves, snowy gloves of mountains, greenish estates, and also rhythmic Avian sounds.

Road travel

Well connected roads from many districts include Dindigul, Madurai, Chennai, Coimbatore, Palani, Theni, Kumuli increase the options of roadways to reach Kodaikanal. Overnight travel buses from Chennai and Bangalore to Kodaikanal drop you on time at the main bus stand in the early morning. KPN, SRM, Sharma Sardar, SRS are the prime travel buses that run every day from and to Chennai and Kodaikanal.

Train journey

The easiest mode of travel for all the tourism lovers to reach Kodaikanal is the travel by train which covers 420Km if they want to come from Chennai. The minimum time to reach the Princess of Hills is just 7h 20min from Chennai if train crosses Madurai. Also via Trichirapalli, services are more to reach Kodaikanal and therefore choose the righteous option to reach the city with minimal time spend on travel to save your precious time on sightseeing in Kodaikanal.

Air travel

The nearest Airport to Kodaikanal is the Madurai International Airport and the air mode travel to Kodaikanal from Chennai saves half of the time you spend on Train travel. From Madurai, linker trains help you out to reach Kodaikanal within 1 hr 30 min and start your tourism visits from the Kodaikanal Railway station entrance onwards.

Travel to Kodaikanal through cabs from the nearby cities would be very much useful to move faster to all the important locations and it would definitely make the best tourism coverage. Rates differs for different cabs based upon the package you select but it would be the safest and comfortable source to reach the hills.