Kodaikanal Observatory

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Kodaikanal Observatory

The solar observatory is common in hill stations and in Kodaikanal a special solar observatory launched by Indian Institute of Aero physics, located at an altitude of 2343 meters. Various solar morphological changes that happen in the solar is observed and related interpretations are made.

Digitalized observatory

The photographs of 100 years of old solar observations are kept digitized for the purpose of future reference. The interplanetary relationships and the structure and dynamics of equatorial ionosphere are observed at here. Hourly observations about the variations of surface temperature, pressure, moisture content in air and also rainfall are made. The perfect records about these observations are transmitted to the meteorological department in order to forecast weather.

Public access

Public access to the observatory is there to a certain extent such as access to Astronomy library, and also public education about solar physics. The most impressive aspect about the observatory is that the night viewing of stars and sky views. Thus the spot has been well renowned for its speciality among younger minds. Astronomy museum belongs to the observatory is another importance that is opened throughout the working hours. Thus the place would be the best option to trigger the minds of the students and it would be the most preferred place to visit in case of educational tours.

Other facilities

National and international meetings are taken place in the modern accommodation facilities of the observatory. Workshops will be conducted on various physics related topics about Kodaikanal. The library belongs to the observatory is one of its precious possessions that attract the visitors even more. Various Astronomical literatures and also it maintain the current Solar and Solar Terrestrial Physics are also can be referred.

Enjoy the tour in Kodaikanal with friends and family by visiting this point of interest at any day during the working hours. Entry is free at here but the values are more on getting the knowledge about past and current Astronomical physics.