Places to see in Kodaikanal

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Places that make your trip more valuable at Kodaikanal!!

Routes to reach different locations at Kodaikanal cheer you up in a great way by increasing your expectation about the place very much before you see it. Taxies for hire are many here to have a safe and secured trip around the visiting spots of Kodaikanal.

Kodaikanal Lake

Hours pass like seconds when you start boating at kodaikanal Lake as the joy never ends here and you would feel the splash of happiness along with water in different angles. Cycling, Boating, Lake View, and Horse riding are the different options around the Lake that keep you completely engaged.

Walking Tours

It is a height pathway providing its visitors the best location to smell the misty breeze that passes across the way and it would be the place of joy when you spend your leisure time here.

Kurinji Andavar Temple

Touch the entrance of the divine shrine with your family to brighten your life with the powerful blessings of Kurinji Andavar. Gift shops present around the temple sale God chanting cassettes, clay idols and many home decorative divine items at affordable.

Guna cave

Thrilling dark path guides you to the interior portion of the Guna Cave along the stubborn rocky scribble way. Many cine shots have explored the Cave more than the tourists and the spots are restricted for the tourists to enter that much now.

Fairy falls

Silvery water glides along the deep rocky slide from the top and sprays out the herbal water at the visitors’ face from certain distance itself.

Perumal Peak

The Green carpet spreads everywhere across meters in the Perumal peak replicate your fun and that would make the day the most unforgettable one that you spent at Kodaikanal for sure.

Solar Physical Observatory

Observe the objects of sky from Kodaikanal with the Physical Solar Observatory and the place lies in the most visited place list. You will feel like your eyes got bombarded with stars when you see the sky through Observatory.