Shenbaganur Museum in Kodaikanal

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Shenbaganur Museum in Kodaikanal

A pretty and the most interesting natural museum found at Kodaikanal is the Shenbaganur museum. The key segment of the natural history has created this well appreciable museum in Kodaikanal. The regular update of natural stuffs is made possible in this museum and it possesses the collectibles since 1920’s that really reflects the ancient observations in different ways. It is not only the place of wondering ambience but also the source of past information about flora and fauna belonged to the place.

Beautiful past collections

The entire days of past could be fully predicted in the form of garden carvings that are made here. The past collections substantially include the prettiest butterfly compilation and also extended towards the collection of rare birds. The great range of Palani is present along the sides of Kodaikanal bordering the entire. Therefore the museum is highly pronounced as ‘A museum of Palanis’ comprise of high priority models and handicrafts available. The most renowned wooden carvings depicting the past glories are purposefully handled with great care.

Conserved specimens

Highly preserved herbaria of different plants really ensure the botanical specifications as well. The visitors are offered with exclusive paintings and engraved models provided with ample texts available that describes the beautiful floral nature of the past. The most prominent information about various insects extinct in the past are also preserved with complete references.

Impressive gardens

The natural formations of the garden fetch the visitors to get very good opinions about the garden comparatively. The specifications found everywhere in the gardens would enhance the realization of the virtual past. The place comprises of high value and medicinally important trees and herbs found around everywhere. The hygiene gardens are truly well maintained to prevent the pollution and also to ensure the structural ecosystem.

The exclusive hotels and restaurants found nearby Shenbaganur would surely make the visitors to stay at this place even more than the days that they have planned for. Try to improve the value to the holidays by spending it in the hills of Kodaikanal to get the impressive day fills anyway.